Discover the pristines slopes of Lyngen Ski or snowboard touring

A feeling of freedom

You are dreaming about magic moments? Let you be sailed in the great and steep Norwegian fjords aboard of our beautiful boat. Every day we will bring you to a different starting point which will offer options for all levels in all conditions. From smooth powder fields to steep riding, each rider will find his dreamt line helped by a certified mountain guide in his quest.

Far from everything, over the 69° parallel, you will climb every day a different summit in a spectacular environment. The descents will fulfill your call for adrenaline as you will curve your way down to the sea. Finally, your day will end back on board around a warm meal and potentially surrounded by auroras borealis.

Warm accommodation

A 90 feet (28m) long exploration sailboat which can accommodate up to 12 people in 6 spacious cabins.

It takes you to discover the most inaccessible and wild places of the fjords. It is your itinerant refuge during the entire stay. As we cruise, you will be able to enjoy the tasty and fresh meals from our on-board Chef. During the nights, we will anchor to ensure your tranquillity and a fully resting sleep.

An height gain within your reach

The top of the Lyngen Alps sits at 1833m with the Jiehkkevárri but most of the summits do not exceed 1500m of altitude. For this reason the daily height gain stands between 800m and 1400m. The routes are picked up together with the mountain guides according to your level and daily conditions. In any cases you will be able to admire beautiful landscapes and your camera will never be far. The descents from the summits right into the sea will leave you with lifetime souvenirs.

Professional mountain guides

The mountain guides who lead you during your stay are certified Swiss or French mountain guides. They have the qualifications and experience to ensure your security and guide you in optimal conditions. They will share with you their passion and love for the mountains.

A dedicated crew

The captain and his sailor are used to cold zones and they put their experience of navigation at your service. Their knowledge of the terrain allows access to the most remote places. They also provide additional information to your mountain guides so they can make the best route choices.

A private cook

Our Chef will prepare delicious and varied meals that should sate your hunger after a day out. Fresh and local products will be used. If you have a specific diet we will adapt our meals.

A comfortable accommodation

Our sailboat counts 6 intimate and large cabins. Each one has a private shower and bathroom. The lounge can very comfortably welcome up to 12 people.

Other activities

After a day of mountain biking or during a rest day, our sailboat also has stand-up paddles and kayaks at your disposal for an even deeper immersion into the fjords.

Ski Explorer 2019

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