Welcome to Arctic, The Kingdom of the Polar Bears

The call of Great North

Spitsbergen (sharp Mountain in Scandinavian language) arouses for a long time admiration and attraction..
During its history this island of the North knew the period of the whalers, trappers, the mining, the polar explorations to become today the Mecca of observation, scientific research and conservation.
To travel in this archipelago of Svalbard is a rare privilege and a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Aboard our sailboat, enjoy the spotless nature; listen to the silence, the singing of the seals, and the crackle of the glaciers. Observe this austere and strange beauty that we find nobody besides.
During this cruise, you will observe and approach the polar flora and fauna: bears, seals, walruses, reindeers, polar foxes, whales as well as a numerous of bird species such as eiders, Arctic terns, puffins…


The cruise will be mainly based on observation of polar flora and fauna and beauty of landscapes.
Depending on your guides speciality, Trek in the tundra or summits, glaciers crossing, kayak in the middle of icebergs, photography…

Each time the wind will be ok, sails will be used during our navigations.

An original accomodation

Antwerp Flyer is a 90 feet (28m) long exploration aluminium sailboat which can accommodate up to 11 people + 1 guide in 6 spacious cabins.

It takes you to discover the most inaccessible and wild places of the Spitzberg. It is your itinerant refuge during the entire stay and brings you warmness and safety. As we cruise, you will be able to enjoy the tasty and fresh meals of our on-board Chef. During the nights, we will anchor to ensure your tranquillity and a fully resting sleep.

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The values and experience of our crew will ensure you enjoy a serene trip as your well-being will be its first concern.

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Our Chef will awaken your taste buds and satisfy your hunger with his refined and varied cooking.

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Each cabin is a large double accommodation.
• 4 cabins have intimate private space with a shower and a bathroom
• The 2 other cabins are sharing a shower and a bathroom

Program of the days

This real adventure trip will make you discover new places everyday.
It is the nature and animal encounters, which will make the program of our days.

Usually, 2 excursions by days are planned :
• 1 excursion in the morning after the breakfast
• Lunch on board and small navigation
• 1 excursion in the afternoon
• Navigation in the evening after the dinner
• Anchoring at the foot of the glaciers or in sheltered bays
• According to the program, some days and at nights can be dedicated to the navigation.

Professional guiding

Our Spitzberg Guides are all qualified and use to safety rules in Svalbard area.
During your evolutions on the ground, they will share with you their experiences and knowledge while taking care of your safety.

Amazing landscapes

Spitzberg with its very low population density offers an intense wilderness experience.
The deck will be the ideal place to observe mountains, glaciers, seals colonies, walruses and sometime extraordinary wild scenes of life such as polar bear scanning for prey or passage of whales.

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