Bexplorer’s objective is to facilitate the access to the unexplored spots of the world to people passionate about sailing and outdoor sports. To achieve this objective, Bexplorer co-owners have bought a 28m aluminum sailboat that is at their disposal. This community of co-owners wants to push away the limits of their playground and discover new lands which are inaccessible. At the moment, Bexplorer SA is a privately owned company based in Switzerland and managed by a small community of shareholders all full of passion for traveling, sailing and adventure.
The sailing plan of the coming years is to make a tour of the most iconic and wild spots of the world such as : Spitsbergen, Greenland, North West Passage, Antarctica, Patagonia’s canals, Polynesia, Papua, Kamchatka,…
The sailboat can welcome more than 12 people in addition to the professional crew. It is equipped to sail the Poles. There are 6 cabins with a private shower. The lounge square can welcome 12 people.
The Outdoor sports travellers join the boat by air as their first goal is not necessarily to do large sailing cruises. They come first to discover the spot to practice their preferred activity (ski touring/snowboard, mountain bike, kitesurf, paraglide, rock climbing, mountaineering, diving, etc.) surrounded by professional guides so cabotage will suit them well. They come back to the sailboat every night and can share their day with the others participants as you would do in a mountain hut.
For sailing enthusiasts, they can come on board when the boat is ferried from one spot to another. The sailboat’s 32m high mast and 450m2 sails offer a unique feeling of freedom.
There are no millionaires on board of the project, so Bexplorer also offers more standard trips in order to be able to finance the unique and more adventurous trips that are not necessarily profitable.
The co-owners’ interest is to be able to sail the boat in remote seas and practice their sport in the most improbable spots while surrounded by a professional crew, certified and experienced guides, their sport gear on board of an exploration boat. In others words, to prepare their next adventure in the best conditions.

Welcome on board, come and share your adventures !

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